Little Girl. Big Shoes.

Motivation is something we all lack in one way or another. I lack it in my personal life, rather than my professional life, but I still lack it. I can’t help anyone all that much. I can give my point of view, but really, that’s it.

However, I want to write about a technique that kinda REALLY drives me to do well. The scary part? It works o.o

Take a song that makes you feel powerful. One that really make the hairs on your arms tingle when you hear it.

Visualise. Visualise what you see yourself doing to accomplish a set goal sometime soon. It can be anything major in your life right now. Pick three of these sorts of goals. Also, rank them in order of importance or in chronological order. Either way works!

Once you’re confident, absolutely confident with your goals, take your three ranked goals and listen to your song. To every chorus (google it if you don’t know what part it is. it’s the main song-y part that most people know that stays pretty much the same and that most people sing along to even if they don’t know the song too well), attach one of your targets/goals that you visualised just a moment before to it. Doesn’t matter how you visualise it, just visualise yourself right at the moment you achieve it (hypothetically).

If this sounds a bit hard, that’s because you’re not used to it perhaps. It is a form of self-hope, but it should be positive.

I’ll tell of how it works for me and leave you to do it.

The first motivational song that really struck me as a tingly-hair-raising song was One Step At A Time by Jordin Sparks. It has three choruses. I identified 3 goals for myself and put them in time order…

First, I saw myself finally achieving a decent vibrato on viola. I have achieved it. It’s not perfect yet, but I remember when I played and the vibrato just broke out and it sounded better than before. That was the fulfillment of the first goal.

The second goal was getting an A* on my Maths GCSE exam. I sat it early, in November. The result came back January and surely enough… Voila. I got my A*, and yes, it rocked my socks off.

You’ll be thinking it’s all just luck for now or a creepy coincidence. Keep reading.

I applied to this one sixth form with really high standards for its applicants.  I went to the open evening. It was FLOODED with future applicants. I was scared s***less. How could I even compete???? So I took an application, and I really wanted to go there, so I thought, you know what?? I’ll try my luck.

This became my third goal.

I went back to school, got my reference, squeezed my best possible predicted grades out of my teachers and sent off my application full of hope.

2 days ago I got a reply… I was offered a place 🙂

All three of my goals were fulfilled. I am thrilled. I listen(ed, my headphones got lost :(…) to One Step At A Time EVERY morning to remind myself… “Kristina, let’s kick a** today”. I have relaxed a bit, but I’ll get back into swing soon. Haha, I have no choice, I have exams in 8 weeks!!

I’m no teller of the future and the goals didn’t just nestle in my lap. I tried to stay realistic and I worked really hard for them!! No lies in that.

It works for me so far, and maybe it can work for you. Give it a try! You don’t know what can come of it. Pessimism before you receive the result of something is normal, but keep a hope for the best. I don’t have rules for this, make up your own rules, but its my personal framework. Adapt it to how it can work for you!

My next song is Firework my Katy Perry… I’m going to need to buy new headphones and get it onto my phone ASAP!! My 3 goals for the 3 choruses are passing my viola exam on March 31st, getting our school yearbook out and published and of course, Results Day 2011. Wish me luck!!

Much love, Kristina :*


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Baby steps

Well, it’s one of those first postey-type posts. I have never blogged in my life. I want to blog about what’s right and what’s wrong about education and teenage life in general, as well as my own journey. I have this dream that I want to go to Oxford and right now, I’m just pretty much studying to finish up Year 11.

Why am I not studying? It’s friday night. I refuse to spend the one night when I’m allowed to unwind studying.

So, bonjour! I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Who knows where life takes you.

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